It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Setting up your store couldn’t be easier. And there’s no upfront money so no risk to you. Just contact us at 510-845-8835 or and let us know you want us to launch a store for you. You let us know which items you want, what logo you want on them and how much you want to charge. You can set a timeframe for how long the store will be open and, if you like, how much money you are hoping to raise or how many items you are hoping to sell. Then you start contacting your potential buyers and let them know the store is open and where to find it. All of the ordering and payments are done online in the store there’s no more chasing people down for their sizes or collecing their payments. (Unlike other webstores though, if you have someone who is unable to place orders online, they can contact us directly and we’ll place their order for them). Once the ordering is complete we produce the gear and in about a week, your gear is ready for pick up or shipping. Along with a check for the money you made. It couldn’t be simpler and there’s no risk to you. Contact us today for more information or to get started.